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10 October 2013 @ 07:04 pm
Check In Post #1  
This is the first check in post! It isn't mandatory, so you don't have to fill this in but you can :)

Pairing (if any):
Current Word Count:
What I like about the story:
What I don't like about the story:

Remember that author sign ups are still open until the end of this month!
lynzie914: sv - chloe+lexlynzie914 on October 10th, 2013 06:34 pm (UTC)
Author: Lynzie914
Pairing (if any): There are quite a few during different parts of the story.
Current Word Count: 17k (But its all disconnected and doesn't make a whole story. Also, it will probably be narrowed down to focus on one particular storyline instead of trying to explore so many of the shows.)
What I like about the story: I love exploring the different characters in the new roles and how they react to them.
What I don't like about the story: I'm struggling with certain characters and what to do with them.
Grassy ✖ The Undertaker's Muse: UTA☆PRI ► both hands two loves tremblingtakerzmuse on October 12th, 2013 06:27 am (UTC)
Author: Grassy
Pairing (if any): Suoh Mikoto/female!Munakata Reisi (K)
Current Word Count: About 700-ish in an actual coherent form; it's hard to tell with the plethora of notes to myself strung through the file.
What I like about the story: ...the porn?
What I don't like about the story: This pairing is hard to write, much as I love them.

May or may not have another fic to add in details of by the next check in. (^_^)
ida_emilieida_emilie on October 12th, 2013 04:23 pm (UTC)
Author: Ida-Emilie
Pairing (if any): Sam Winchester/fem!Gabriel (SPN)
Current Word Count: 2k-ish worth of notes, haha!
What I like about the story: It so far will explore the entire spectrum going from pornsy/fluff/angst and so on.
What I don't like about the story: I'm struggling with getting started and can already see points in the future where I shall most likely get a bit stuck, but I'm lucky I have my alpha reader :D
Moonbeamluvsbitca on October 16th, 2013 01:17 pm (UTC)
Author: luvsbitca
Pairing (if any):
Current Word Count: Oh my, I haven't even started yet. I'm trying to get my TW BB done and then I'll focus on this, though I'm kind of planning to expand an unpublished WIP from my computer so...we'll see.
What I like about the story: The possibilities.
What I don't like about the story: The lack of focus (and the fact I totally failed and forgot to JOIN the community after I signed up for this bang...thud)
konishi_zen on October 25th, 2013 04:40 pm (UTC)
Author:Velocity Girl
Pairing (if any): fem!Raleigh Becket/Chuck Hansen? I'm now toying with Herc/Fem!Raleigh and Yancy/Chuck. Don't know how that happened.
Current Word Count:5000
What I like about the story:The fact that Raleigh isn't so isolated and isn't alone in grief. Herc being more hands-on and Chuck getting a chance to be less of a dick. Oh and cancelling the apocalypse.
What I don't like about the story: It's been hard to get a definite flow to it. I usually have been finishing 8K stories in a night when I get inspired. I've been sitting down and writing in increments of 500 to get it moving. But it is moving.
Leeveecolin_chaotic on November 2nd, 2013 10:18 pm (UTC)
Iii definitely forgot to track this comm, so I'm filling this out way late!

Author: smrt1
Pairing (if any): Probably girl!Stiles/Derek, if anything
Current Word Count: About 1k, hah
What I like about the story: Snarky inner dialogues! Stiles being closer to Allison and Erica! (Not so much Lydia, mostly because Stiles is still a creeper in regards to her.) Stiles 'joining' lacrosse by being the team manager!
What I don't like about the story: Making it different enough from canon to be interesting, but close enough to be believable.